14 Nov 2013
Hotel Casa 400 Amsterdam


Updated 25 Sept 2013

Recently, the finance sector has been constantly in the spotlight and had to meet the challenges of proportions hitherto unknown.  Apart from the prevailing economic uncertainty, banks, insurers and financial institutions are confronted with issues like changes in laws and regulations as well as transparency and corporate governance.  The IT professionals in the finance sector also need to sustain revenue growth and retain market share in an increasingly competitive landscape. This takes place against a background of volatile trading conditions and uncertainties, in a sector where mistakes can cost millions.

While Agile development methods may offer solutions to many of these challenges, the complex and unique requirements of the financial services sector have perhaps slowed the trend to Agile adoption, in particular in organisations where there is a perception that Agile is incompatible with fixed project budgets.

This one-day conference provides guidance and suggests solutions for the successful implementation of Agile within the complex environment.  It also goes one step further by providing guidance and advice tailored to this sector and introduces participants to providers of consultancy, software and other services that can help them achieve their ambitions and goals.


Who should attend

This is event is relevant to all finance sector organizations and should be of particular interest to directors or managers in a performance improvement and strategy execution function as well as accountants, controllers, performance managers or analysts.




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